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Having the right supplies for your move will not only make the process of packing easier, but will also prevent your belongings from getting damaged during transport to your new home. Cube Moving can help you determine what supplies you will need to get everything safely packed so it’s ready for moving day.

Cube Moving Supply Packages

Get all of your moving supplies in one convenient place when you purchase one of our moving supply packages. Choose a package based on the size of your home and get everything you need delivered to your door:

Studio Package

This package contains all the supplies you will need to pack up a studio apartment, including:

1-Bedroom Package

Get your one-bedroom apartment packed and ready in no time with our 1-bedroom package, which comes with:

2-Bedroom Package

With this package, you’ll have all the necessary supplies for packing up the typical 2-bedroom apartment:

3-Bedroom Package

4-Bedroom Package

Supplies You Will Need

Even if you don’t purchase moving supplies from us, make sure you have everything you’ll need on-hand before you start the packing process. Items you will want to consider purchasing include:


Purchase sturdy moving boxes in an assortment of sizes. Smaller boxes should be filled with heavier items, like books and dishes, while larger boxes are perfect for lightweight but voluminous items, like pillows and comforters. You may also want to consider purchasing specialty boxes like picture and wardrobe boxes. Picture boxes are designed to pack individual picture frames to protect the glass during the move, while wardrobe boxes help keep your hanging clothes contained.


Tape is definitely something you don’t want to run out of when you’re packing because it’s integral to assembling and sealing your boxes. Always use tape specifically designed for packing to ensure the stability of your boxes.

Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

Delicate items like dishes, glassware, and picture frames need an extra layer of protection to survive your move. While newspapers can do the trick, we recommend purchasing packing paper. Though similar to newspaper, packing paper is ink-free, which means no smudges on your hands or belongings. Wrap each of your delicate items in a sheet of packing paper to keep them from getting chipped or cracked during transport. Really delicate items may also need a layer of bubble wrap for protection. Once everything is boxed up, you can use crumpled packing paper to fill in the extra space in order to prevent items from shifting around.

Permanent Marker and Labels

Labeling all of your boxes with a detailed description of the contents makes the unpacking process much easier. Make sure you have a permanent marker and some labels on hand before you start boxing up your belongings.

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