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***** eden l., Manhattan, NY

Cube moving and storage moved me and they did a magnificent job!
They came 15 minutes before the scheduled time, wrapped all my furniture with blankets, nothing was damaged or even scratched and I can't tell how nice Yossi (the supervisor of the team) was!
Over all it was an excellent service and I will recommend Cube movers to everyone I know.
Job well done guys...Thank you !

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Cube Moving and Storage, NYC
Based in New York City, Cube Moving and Storage is your one-stop shop for fixed price moving and secure, ultra-clean storage. Our dedicated team of moving experts knows that moving can be stressful – so whether you're making a local move in NYC or crossing the continent in a long distance move, we're there with you every step of the way.

It only takes a few minutes! Call 212.756.1262 for a Guaranteed Price Quote!

Residential and commercial moving services.
Located in Manhattan, NYC.
Cube Moving and Storage. Call Now: 212.756.1262

Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens Moving Services:

- Guaranteed Price Moving Prices
- Local Moves throughout Manhattan, Bronx, Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn & Long Island
- Full Service Storage Facilities
- Storage Space in Bronx, NY
- Free Month of Storage for Long Distance customers
- Moving Kits delivered for free (customers only)
- Moving Supplies (Boxes & Packing) and Accessories
- Top-of-the line moving equipment and vehicles
- New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan In-house moving
- Piano Moving and other Specialty Moving Services NYC

Make Your Move Painless with Moving Professionals

New York Moving is often listed as one of the most stressful things a person can undergo. Hiring full service experts to come in to facilitate your move is a great way to alleviate some of that stress. The movers at Cube Moving and Storage are quick, efficient and professional. Why not take advantage of moving professionals to make your move as worry-free as possible? Call us TODAY!

Residential and commercial moving services.
Located in Manhattan, NYC.
Cube Moving and Storage. Call Now: 212.756.1262

Guaranteed Prices and so much More!
Our moving services include much more than simply helping you load and unload your things onto a truck. We are a full service moving company offering packing and unpacking services as well!

If you perform a simple search on Google you will end up with hundreds of addresses of moving companies in New York City. Some of them are well established and have a long history by now, while others may just be new companies that are in the need of customers. But if we consider the tremendous size of New York City, we will soon find out that every moving company in the city has customers that keep the business running. Moving companies will never run out of business as people constantly need to move in and out of the city.

If you are an individual that requires help from someone, you will have certain needs in order to find the best NYC moving company. An individual requires a moving company that can come at his place, take the boxes and drive them to the destination. But this is far from true, as if you are someone who requires help at his home, you might also want to receive help when it comes to packing services. You might then reconsider your choice and search the best New York City moving company in terms of helping you with the actual moving process.

Cube Moving, one of the leaders of the moving industry in New York City, is a company which features full support for their clients: you will not only receive boxes in which to place your products, the workers will fully pack your products in order to protect them from anything that might come up on the road. Unless we talk about an accident, your belongings are safe. And if you take into consideration the fact that the truck drivers of Cube Moving are skilled professionals that have no accident records, you will be convinced that you have nothing to worry about.

If you have a business, the best New York City moving company must feature different services from what was presented above. Businesses have other requirements than a normal household – a large office will fill more than one truckload, thus the need of more vehicles is mandatory. This shouldn't be a problem, as Cube Moving has a large fleet of vehicles destined for any required task. The services that make them one of the best NYC moving company are destined towards the full benefit of the customer: the furniture is disassembled upon loading it in the truck so you will not lose needed space for other products.

The possibility of delivering special cargos is also something that separates a simple moving company from the best New York City moving company. A company that deals with cargo like a fine antique piano and arrives with it at the destination without a single scratch on it deserves the title of the best NYC moving company. Cube Moving is certainly one of the best, if not the best moving company that you will encounter in New York City: they deliver household items, special electronic hardware for businesses and also fine art elements, without any problems at all.

Moving Tips
Moving from one flat to another can be a stressful activity for most of the people who are not used to carry bags and boxes. The truth it is that it is hard to manage all your stuff and transport them to your new home, especially if the destination is far away from your original home. That's why people who want to move to another flat should ask for help from professional moving companies that don't have problems dealing with those kinds of activities. Those who think they could handle all their boxes with clothes, shoes and even parts of their furniture should know that moving to another place is a really stressful job, but also dangerous for both your health and your stuff's integrity.

There are more and more just married couples in New York who deal with moving issues, because they don't have enough time and money to transport furniture and other thins from their parents to their new house. Moving companies in New York City are the best solution for them, because these moving companies have trained staff available 24/7 for clients who need help. Instead of having so many difficulties by moving alone heavy boxes or china boxes, people should trust moving companies in New York when it comes to carefully handling objects from your old house.

No matter if you choose to manage the situation yourself or you ask for help from moving companies, you should know that there are some moving tips you should take in consideration. First of all, it is important to check out the moving company that you hire, because there are many non-trustable ones who use to scam vulnerable people who need urgent help. If you don't want to deal with this kind of problems, you should pick Cube moving, a company that is willing to transport all your packing and boxes to your new home destination. With their professional help, you will be able to pay a small amount of money and relax, while they manage to safely handle all your stuff. If you choose to drive alone, you should make sure that you have enough space inside your vehicle for all your boxes and furniture.

Cube moving will assure all your packing and china boxes will be safely transported to your house or flat as quickly as possible, as this moving company provide quality staff and vehicles, suitable for all kinds of boxes. People who want to find out other moving tips should remember to tape well all their boxes and even to write on the top of the box what kind of stuff is inside it. This way, those who are hired by you to transport them, will handle them carefully, without damaging your glasses, plates, vases or other objects that could be easily broken.

Even though you choose not to hire moving companies when you want to move from one flat to another, you should take in account at least some moving tips that will help you pass through this really stressful job, so you should better take with you some medicines and prescriptions, in case you start feeling dizzy or tired.

Loading/Unloading Help

Getting boxes and heavy furniture out of the old house and into a moving van or truck can be especially straining on the back and muscles. Hiring a group of professional movers to help with this process will not only make the process go quite a bit faster but will also save you a lot of unnecessary aches and pains.

This is especially important if there are any stairs involved, or if there are particularly heavy items such as pianos or washers and dryers. Hospitals admit people every year that have torn a muscle or thrown out their back because they were ill-equipped to move these heavy things on their own. The professionals not only have the skills and know-how to move heavy objects, but also the necessary equipment to make the moving quick, safe and efficient.

This can also help avoid any damage to the walls or floor of the old or new location. If improperly moved, heavy objects can cause considerable damage.

Packing/Unpacking Services

Many people don't realize just how stressful getting everything packed up can be. So why not let the pros do it? With our Packing Service, a professional will be able to make the most out of available box space and can organize everything so your items will arrive safely and securely.

When finally arriving at your new home, getting all those carefully packed boxes unpacked can be a quite arduous process as well. With our Unpacking Service, the process can move along much more quickly and your home will be set up and arranged in no time. If our movers have also packed your items, they will be easier to unpack and put your things where they eventually need to be placed.
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